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About Carolina Homes

Carolina Homes’ mandate has always been to develop unique housing opportunities with the ability to enhance the quality of life of the people we serve.



About Carolina Homes

We are an innovative builder in the province of Alberta, developing homes for families interested in creating a ‘space for life’, one that accommodates their current needs and lifestyle, as well as allowing them the freedom to live creatively for the future. A Carolina home is designed and built with the desire to provide spaces for the celebration of life!

Since 1987 we have maintained this steady growth to become one of Calgary’s top builders. We have achieved the highest rating of “Excellence” with the New Home Warranty Program of Alberta and hold the title of “Master Home Builder” from the Professional Home Builders of Alberta.

What makes Carolina Homes unique is our integrity. Our focus is more on the needs of our client. We would rather build a home that is going to suit your particular needs, than concentrate on the outward appearance of our company. It is our belief that by “doing right” the “looking right” will take care of itself. The end result should be a home built with quality materials for the needs and lifestyle of the individual customer.

While the landscape of the housing market has changed drastically over the past decade, our commitment to our mandate ensures we only build homes that Albertans can afford. We believe a home should be a blessing that complements your life, not a burden that dictates how you live.

Our efficient building process and commitment to long-term relationships makes us an attractive choice for contractors and suppliers alike.  The result is a price reflective of our ability to manage hard costs and keep overhead low.

While the location of the majority of our projects has shifted from urban to rural areas, our promise to never overextend ourselves, or our client, is why our reputation is one of the few that has remained above reproach.

We trust that our company image will stem from our integrity, which means that we have the highest of standards in terms of doing right by your individual needs and lifestyle, in assisting you to build a home.


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Rediscover Active Living

Seclusion Valley isn’t just a place; it’s a state-of-mind. Explore some of nature’s most breathtaking offerings under the big Alberta sky, where laughter and fireflies replace traffic noise and street lamps.

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Discover a Rare Community

Seclusion Valley offers much more than a subdivision, it represents a neighbourhood of like-minded individuals joining together to embrace the tranquility, comfort and peace-of-mind of rural living

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Each Carolina Home built in Seclusion Valley offers the care, attention to detail and enduring value that comes as a result of our never-ending commitment to improving product design.

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