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Which schools are in the area?

There is a kindergarten – grade 6 school only 8 min walk away and a grade 7-12 school is in Black Diamond.

Is there a school bus program?

Yes.  Grades 7-12 are bussed from Seclusion Valley to Black Diamond.

How close is the nearest Hospital?

The Oilfields Hospital is only 6.5 km away.

Are there golf courses close by?

The beautiful 18-hole Turner Valley golf course is just 5 km away.

Is there shopping nearby?

The Country Food Mart in Black Diamond is only 5kms away, and there is extensive shopping in Okotoks just 20 minutes from your door.

Where are the lakes close by? Where can I go fishing or camping?

We have fly-fishing right at the sheep river in town and great camping at Sandy McNabb campground only 12 km west into Kananaskis Country. We have fishing just 20 km south of Longview and great camping and hunting or ATVing just west of Longview about 18 km away.

How long is the drive into Calgary? Turner Valley? The Mountains?

Seclusion Valley is about 25 minutes from Calgary, a 5 minute walk to the heart of Turner Valley and a short 60-minute drive to the Banff mountains.  Whitefish Montana is just 4 hours away.

How often is snow cleared from the streets?

The roads are plowed two to three times faster and more often then most urban areas as there are fewer roads to clear.

Is Seclusion Valley in any danger of flooding the way High River did in 2013?

Seclusion Valley is situated on land that is not considered to be in the Floodway, Flood Fringe or Overland Flood areas as identified in recent reports issued by the Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. For details on this report, and for all Alberta flood plain information, feel free to follow this link to their website.




How many dogs are permitted per household?


What TV or Satellite options are there? High-speed Internet?

Telus high-speed internet and several other internet providers (ie Platinum, Xplornet) are available. You would also have the option of any of the preferred satellite providers available in Canada.

What happens here in the winter, summer?

There are a wide variety of activities and park venues perfect for a number of both winter and summer activities including pools, paths, recreational parks, rivers, lakes and mountains.

How hard is the water?

The water is 19 grains. We would recommend the use of a water softener to extend the life of your appliances.

Is the water okay to drink?

Absolutely. We have clean fresh water right out of the Sheep River.

Can we have open fire pits in Seclusion Valley?

Open fire pits are allowed pending fire bans.

Can we park our RV on our property?

No permanent RV parking is permitted on site but there are several storage places in Black Diamond.

What kind of fencing is included/allowed between the lots?

The fencing at the back of every lot is black chain link and the sides are black chain link up to 6′.

How long does it take to build my house?

Standard construction time is 6 months.

Can we bring our own building plan?

No. We are not a custom builder. Seclusion Valley offers 12 plans to choose from and we do allow some small changes.

Can we provide any sweat equity?

No sweat equity is permitted.

Can we take possession within a year?


Can we pick out our own appliances?

Yes. We have an extensive selection of General Electric appliances to choose from.

How much money do I need to put down?

You only need 5% down.

When is the rest of the money due?

Full payment is due upon completion.

What kind of warranty comes with the house?

We are a New Home Warranty builder and we give one-year warranty on everything.

Do I need a lawyer?

No you don’t need a lawyer, as we will pay all legal fees.

What is your cancellation policy and will I lose my deposit?

If for any reason you decide to cancel we will always refund your full deposit upon the re-sale of the house.

Can I get triple-pane windows?

Yes. You could upgrade to triple pane windows with charges attached.

What would an average utility or heating bill be?

The heating bills would be equivalent to what urban homes pay for a house of the same size.

How much does house insurance in this area cost?

House insurance is the same or a little less due to our use of fire resistant Hardie Board Siding.

Will there be a gate at the front entrance ever? Will this be a gated community?


Can we get a wood-burning fireplace and if so, how much?

We don’t provide wood fireplaces anymore but you could add one after you move in.

What landscaping comes with the house? Can I plant my own garden? Trees?

Yes you can plant your own garden. Standard landscaping includes a tree, shrubberies, mulch and sprinkler system in the front.  You also get a dyed concrete driveway.

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